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Marina Utami is a Visual Designer and 2D-Animator from Indonesia. With a focus on conceptual thinking and big love for details and quality, she creates strong solutions for digital surfaces. She holds Master of Arts from the University of Leeds focusing on Advertising and Digital Design. Currently, she works as a Senior Art Director at 12 Agency and In-house Graphic Designer at Shutterstock

If you wanted to chat over a coffee or merely take a peek at her portfolio, hit her up at marinautami@gmail.com



Marina is a natural designer! When we worked together, she was always able to deliver quality work in tight deadline! Not to mention other freelance jobs she got, she is a truly responsible designer.

Robby Loice Creative Director

Design is a way of life. It involves the complex of visual communications: talent, creative ability, manual skill, and technical knowledge. Aesthetics and economics, technology and psychology are intrinsically related process.


So, I'm always around video games but I've always been interested in them from a visual perspective, with the graphic design. I don't know if that comes from my love of photography or what but that's always what's held my interest about them.